Monday, 1 April 2013

Back on the right (left) side of the Pennines

The Safari had one more full day down on the farm and it's still officially winter. Jeez that easterly wind is fierce. No sign of any swelling buds on this young Oak tree and no signs of last year's leaves falling either.
Frost coated the early morning ground and snow still lay in sheltered places
This morning the pond was quite so frozen though and three Mallards had dropped in overnight.
 They must be quite tame as Frank went for a dip...corrr he's tough!...and they didn't fly off.
Drake Mallards are very bonny at this time of year, look at those ever so delicate vermiculations.
Back along the track aways we found this recently predated Mallard egg.
Can't have been long opened as there was still albumen glistening on the ground beneath  it.
Spring has sprung for some of the farm's inhabitants.
And on the arable field side of the track were some brave Germander Speedwells tentatively beginning to open
Another venture out after lunch saw us exploring the furthest reaches of the copse and although there wasn't much about we did disturb a Woodcock. Better were two Roe Deer and then perhaps a third which we were almost ready for with the camera
Last night we listened out successfully for Tawny Owls (124) one of which was heard doing its wavering hooooot from the woods across the valley. The Grey Partridges (123) were already in the notebook.
So that was it, all the fun on the farm is now just a memory...we do miss the farming life and continually think of all the on-farm wildlife improvements we could make if we only had a farm of our own. Sure won't have any gas cannons though!!! Apart from them the deep silence was superb, just the birds singing and the wind blowing. might be a bit different when this beast is hitched to a plough and fired up!
Where to next? It's a few weeks to our next trip to foreign parts for Wifey's birthday so a no doubt chilly Patch 2 will be back in play in the morning - will there be anything summery out there?
In the meantime let us know who's farming what in your outback

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Warren Baker said...

That post feels like spring is straining at the leash - it's gotta be released soon!