Saturday, 28 December 2013

How not to get barred

The Safari took Wifey and Frank for another look at the Two Barred Crossbills this morning but large crowd thet was gathered in the lane told us we'd just missed them and that they had been showing well in good light in  the tree-tops as well as coming down to ground level to drink from the roadside ditch - drat! 
Wifey went back to the car due to inadequate footwear while we wandered up to the very busy feeding station, very busy with birds and birders. We couldn't get as close as the other day as there were photographers already ensconced with chairs and all manner of gear in the prime spots.
Didn't stop us trying for a few minutes though.
Blue Tits are always good value but we wanted some shots of the Coal Tits of which there were many as we didn't manage to get any decent ones last time.
A bit better today, more light, better softwear and a decent screen permitting.
Sometimes we got both together
Just as we were running out of time a Nuthatch decided to put in a quick in and out appearance.
We could capture it totally still in the gloomy conditions under the trees.
A pub lunch featuring a pice of sustainably caught Cod followed about the size of a reasonably mature Minke Whale it was hanging over both ends of the plate! The local beer, brewery was at the top of the hill, was deffo recommneded - Bradfield - if you can find it, the pub was very civilised, The Plough at Low Bradfield, and sold mulipacs of bottles of your choice along with a commemorative glass all for only a little more than the major supermarkets sell there medium sized brewery beers for on offer, AND Frank was welcome a major boon as it's often difficult to find dog friendly pubs these days... we hate to say it but this part of Yorkshire has Lancashire and Cumbria well beaten in that department - we'll be back!
Where to next? Last night here and off to Liverpool tomorrow where if we are lucky and can escape family duties at the right time we might be able to twitch an American gull - now that would be nice!
In the meantime let us know who's hopping around in the gloom in your outback. 


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

softwear???? = software I hope



cliff said...

Looks a good spot for some shutter button action Dave. The Coal tit in shot 4 is my pick of the pics here.