Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Too little time today

The Safari managed a few short minutes on the sea wall once it got light enough to see if there was anything out there. There was quite a bit provided you like Common Scoters, hard to count in the lumpy sea but at least 4 - 500 of them. Red Throated Divers made their presence felt with five seen in quick succession.  
The tide was in so no beach for anything to strut its stuff on.
The tide was still in and the Common Scoters and the Red Throated Divers were still in approximately the same numbers. A Great Crested Grebe flew by in the middle distance and that was yer lot, apart from the tiny Dab the fisherman standing a few yards away caught and put back not particularly gently.
It was nearly time to go and collect Frank when we looked out of the window and caught an eyeful of this...
Sadly by the time we'd left darkness was upon us and we'd missed the Starlings murmurating against this rather stunning backdrop.
Where to next? Oooohh not sure tomorrow weather looks a little on the poor side but we'll give it a go if there's a bit of a 'window'.
In the meantime let us know who's got the golden orb in your outback.

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