Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It's mushroom time

The Safari is feeling quite like a mushroom and not because we had a tasty mushroom omlette for tea this evening. We leave Base Camp in the dark, get kept in the dark at work and leave for Base Camp again in the dark...becoming in desperate need of some vitamin D!
If you read yesterday's missive and couldn't find the You Tube link to the A Focus on Nature short film we've now put it on for your delectation, enjoy...not sure where it went musta deleted it by mistake - whoops! A pair of budding young Attenboroughs there and there's several more of their ilk coming up through the ranks, things are looking rosy for the state of wildlife TV and communication about its wonders. If only we could get rid of the wildlife hating eejit, Praterson, before he decides to cull - sorry kill - something else as well as trying for yet more Badgers. He, nor his chums in the NUF, mustn't be allowed to get away with any more of that nonsense!
So what have we been seeing? Not a great lot is the answer. The last couple of nights including this evening we've heard a reasonable number of Redwings and a few Blackbirds going over - moving in advance of the forthcoming colder weather?
Nothing of great note has been seen on the sea, small numbers of Great Crested Grebes - only three today, reasonable numbers of Red Throated Divers in to double figures but none close enough for a proper look at them. The Common Scoters are variable in numbers in terms of state of tide and state of the sea - best 'count' around the 500  mark. The only other sighting of any note was of a distant-ish Razorbill
No moffs whilst out with Frank today - just as well cos we forgot to take the net!
Where to next? As John Lennon's £17,000 school reports said - must try harder!
In the meantime let us know who's doing the high pitched whistling in your outback. 

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