Thursday, 12 December 2013

Not a lot to say really

The Safari hasn't been abler to get out today. It was double dreary out there and we've been double busy indoors all day, hardly the best combo for wildlifing. Gut with wildlife you just never know. We were holding the door open waiting for a colleague but she'd turned to speak to someone else so we left them to it. This particular door bangs shut so we eased it gently closed and as we turned saw a little movement under the Gorse hedge close by. One of the local Blackbirds going to roost no doubt...but no, a few seconds later it reappeared in the flower bed showing itself to be a Song Thrush. A really good record for Patch 2, there's only a couple of records a year. What's that? You want a photo as proof? Get real it was damn near pitch black out there! 
Removing the memory card from the stealth-cam always fills us with an air of excitement and expectation but alas the last two nights it has only recorded the local cats.
We thought we best have a look at our spread-sheet and check we have seen Song Thrush on Patch 2 this year, just as well we did - we haven't, yippeee P2 #78, still well short of our target of 90 for the year though and now probably unachievable barring a big miracle as we only have five days left on the Patch before the holiday and the start of the 2014 list.
Missing off the list are:- Blue Tit
Brent Goose
Collared Dove
Great Tit
House Martin - used to be a colony down at the south end of the patch - where they there this year?
Magpie - close but not close enough
Mute Swan
Rock Pipit - how come?
Snow Bunting - now 9 inches from our southern boundary
Velvet Scoter
and Yellow Legged Gull - all species of gulls have been in low numbers on the beach this year for some reason or other
Where to next? A sackful of new birds for Patch 2, quality cetacean sightings - there's a Fin Whale out there somewhere......well you never know with wildlife; and one thing is guaranteed if you don't look you deffo won't see.
In the meantime let us know who's skulking around the shrubbery dishing out surprises in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

One good day in the field should scoop that list of missing species up Davyman!!! :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

That would be a one heck of a day, can't wait!