Monday, 17 February 2014

Good gulling undone by time

The Safari saw that the sea was very calm this morning and there looked like there'd be every chance of something blubbery on show today.
We got to the wall and were instantly distracted by a huge number of gulls in front of us. They were everywhere, huge numbers were further down beyond our border. The chances of something good out there was as high as it's ever been. We studied those near enough to death and found only one decent one amongst them, a large dark mantled 'argentatus' Herring Gull. There must have been more out there but sadly we didn't have anything like enough time to go through them properly.
It certainly wasn't the day to be one of the very many stranded Starfish.
Nor did we have time for anything more than a cursory glance further offshore but saw nothing than the normal fare and little of that.
On the way back through the works garden we saw three then four Blackbirds, had they just been dropped by the rain that sent us scarpering back indoors? Later in the morning a brief sortie in to back garden gave us a fleeting glimpse of something maybe a bit smaller and paler browner, Song Thrush - good bird here if it was but we had to have chat with the foreman of the gardening team and by the time we'd finished it was nowhere to be seen so what's missed is mystery as they used to say
No chance of a look at lunchtime it was persisting down far to much for us, we must be getting wussy as further up the coast SMcC was getting drenched doing her advertised dolphin watch. No success for her, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Again we won't be able to join in as we have an indoor event to supervise - on wht;s forecast to be the best day of the week - dohhhh
Back at Base Camp all the chicken we put out overnight in front of the stealth-cam had disappeared. What had chomped it? A check of the SD card revealed the orrible hairy cat was the main culprit but another visitor had been active
Where to next? Hopefully there will be plenty of gulls again and we'll have a little more time to do them justice.
In the meantime let us know who's out in force in your outback

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Heather Wilde said...

A very speedy bone thief!