Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Should you have been out today?

The Safari has battened down the hatches against some of the most severe weather since we've been here.
Not quite as bad as Aberdaron on the tip of the Llyen Peninsular where we once had a lovely tea and a bun a few years ago on an altogether more pleasant day.

Closer to Base Camp up the road where we were shown the Snow Bunting and dipped the Stonechat a few days ago.
94 mph - crikey!!!
All is not doom and gloom here - yet - this little fella was out when we got back to Base Camp after our trip to the physio.
What was it thinking??? Maybe taking advantage of a very short sunny spell to find somewhere a bit more sheltered and secure to ride out the coming hours?
A not very blustery Patch 2 didn't give us much early tthis morning and we were sort of hopeful for a close in Harbour Porpoise where the offshore winds hand chopped up the sea. We didn't get one but another birder in the town centre did, nice one IC.
Foe our chilly effort we had a nice adult Little Gull and a couple each of Great Crested Grebe and Red Throated Diver.
We didn't last long out there at lunchtime, seeing nothing of note and being blown about by the ny now rather strong cold wind. A reasonable number of Herring Gulls worked the dropping tide but a Black Headed Gull that was blown off its feet over onto its side made us titter and was something we've not seen before. On regaining its composure it did what we'd all do - looked round quickly to see if any one had noticed its embarrassing predicament.
Tonight is not the night to be a Common Scoter or any other seabird for that matter - they must be really tough little so n sos.

Just a thought - after all this flooding what about the hottest summer ever recorded in Britain, somewhere now under metres of water going over 40C next July/early August???

Where to next? A look at Patch 2 in the morning might reveal a storm blown waif or two.
In the meantime let us know if there's a bit of a breeze in your outback.

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Stuart Price said...

Well you may get some interesting stuff just ater the weather clears