Saturday, 1 February 2014

Struggling at the mo

The Safari isn't having the best of times at the mo. We've not been able to any safari-ing for a couple of days. We got an invite to meet FW at Parkgate on the Dee estuary where the higher than usual tide was predicted to show a real wildlife spectacle, unfortunately we had too many household jobs to do to be able to join him.
The spectacle was worth watching! Here's a blog from one of FW's other mates. Dohh, not been there for years and apparently there was loads of mammals including specialties such as Water Shrew and Harvest Mouse seen too.
We got all the chores done, helped make tea for tonight and had the chance of a visit to the nature reserve but the weather was horrible so we passed opting to follow thge footy on the puter instead. Almost wish we'd got cold and wet as Pool got beaten yet again and now are facing a relegation battle. However we did want to keep our clothes and kit dry.
A little victory was 'scored' when a flock of Starlings (Garden #19) flew low over the garden on a rather odd flight-path on their way to roost on the pier.
We started watching the England v France in the rugby and that really didn't begin too well but thankfully improved a little as the first half progressed.
And then there's the on-going war against wildlife much of it in this country where we really should know better and in Australia where not one but two World Heritage Sites are about to ruined due to corporate greed and a knee-jerk cull against a Great White Sharks, IUCN listed as vulnerable and with a world population lower than that of Tigers, again in a country that really should know better. Then there's all the other obscenities against FW's and CV's children's heritage. When will these vested interests realise there's no Planet B and that indefinite economic growth is not ecologically possible.
Sorry no pics, camera not been out of its bag for far too long and nothing of note on stealth-cam for you either.
Where to next? A big adventure and safari tomorrow with our boy CV lots to see and do including a visit to a reserve celebrating a big birthday today. Some good target species too.
In the meantime let us know if there was any more success in your outback

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Heather Wilde said...

Keep that chin up, lots of good still out there and people like you and FW will make sure it stays that way. And next time, leave the chores!