Monday, 24 March 2014

Foxy info required

The Safari was out on a very chilly Patch 2 this morning looking at the beach and sea but apart from the usual gulls and Oystercatchers there wasn't much about until a tight flock of about 15 Grey Plovers flew past. A few minutes later a male Eider flew south over the top of about 300 Common Scoters bobbing about in the chop in the middle distance. A small number of Meadow Pipits were heard passing high overhead
By lunchtime the wind was as cold as it's been all winter, it was brassic out there and we didn't last long and saw naff all apart from the Common Scoters and a couple more Meadow Pipits inclucding one coming directly towards us 'in-off'.
Behind us the Bloomfield Bear, 'Pool's' mascot was being videod dancing around under the mirror ball.
Yesterday while our Extreme Photographer was up the ladder and we were trying to get the best angle for the pic of it from the patio we spotted that one of our Foxgloves is peppered with holes from the munchings of some unknown nibbler.
Our first thought was the bonny little moth the Foxglove Pug but we're now educated to the fact that they chomp on the flowers not the leaves. So does anyone know what wee beasty is responsible?
We also spotted a Tree Bee fully laden with pollen disappearing in to a hole in the brickwork above the kitchen door, cracking news, hopefully we'll be able to get some pics of them coming and going in a few weeks time. 
Where to next? More chilly Patch 2 in the morning probably.
In the meantime let us know who's making all the holes in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Whatever it is munching your Foxgloves Dabyman, they're also munching mine! :-)