Monday, 3 March 2014

World Wildlife Day

The Safari was pleased that today 3rd March has been declared World Wildlife Day but bear in mind we're still in the Decade of Biodiversity (2011 - 2020). You wouldn't think it given the scale of the War on Wildlife that's going on at the moment driven either by corporate greed and/or ridiculous ignorance in some parts of the world.
Our own Defra tweeted "for working for a future where people and willdlife coexist in harmony" - does that include calling a total and unequivocal halt to the ludicrous Badger cull and giving direction to Natural England to go for the throat of those in the Establishment that illegally persecute our raptors? So the war is here right on our own doorstep!
Talking of doorsteps one local supermarket chain has started selling 'dirty' Tuna! Surely in the 21st entury our supermarkets should be offering us the most ethical food by default not having to be named and shamed for what is basically malpractice. Said supermarket didn't even bother to take part in the MSC's survey - why not, what did they think they had to hide and why did they even have anything to hide?
Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers, Pangolins, Sharks, Rays, Sea Cucumbers, Wolves, Rain Forest, rare Parrots, farmland birds, pollinating insects, the amazing Monarch butterfly migration you name it there's a war against it - it's all getting a bit scary.
But extinction is forever and every time the least creature goes extinct then a link in the chain that sustains us is broken and all the others are strained just that little but more...and one day we'll cut the wrong link and no matter how much money we have it won't make two hoots to the outcome!
Where to next? Something more positive tomorrow - although we did see a distant Grey Seal wresting with a large fish ?Mullet, this arvo with BD, our first of the year.
In the meantime let us know who's trying to prevent the war in your outback

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