Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Struggling for an opportunity

The Safari has been out and about a bit but not come across much of great interest for you this week. Patch 2 has provided little out of the ordinary over the very low tides in the mornings, nothing more than a handful of Curlews, plenty of Oystercatchers and about 100 or more Sanderlings daily.
Even the gulls are well down in numbers now the shellfish wreck has waned away to next to nothing. The only real highlight was a Skylark (P2 #39), we saw none on Patch 2 last year.
Out at sea at both high and low tide we were limited to just a few hundred Common Scoters and precious little else.
Back at Base Camp we have a very loud and very welcome Song Thrush still singing away from across the gardens, a Wren was giving plenty this morning so we hope they'll nest somewhere close by again - no chance in the hanging basket they used previously as it's disintegrated.
Last night we took Frank out for his last sortie before bed and as soon as we were out of the door we heard Whooper Swans (Garden #20) passing almost overhead. A good one for the garden list!
It wasn't over by a long chalk - within a minute we watched a Fox trot across the road as casual as you like, it stopped on the pavement and looked at us, probably giggling at Frank rolling around legs in the air like a dying fly in the window. Luckily the dying fly didn't see or get a scent of it otherwise we'd have never got him back inside. Jupiter and the stars were looking good too.
Where to next? More of the same with deffo some beachy photo opportunities tomorrow as we have a group out in the afternoon.
In the meantime have a look at young Finn's blog today and let him know what you're doing/going to in your outback

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Heather Wilde said...

Good old Frank, can just picture him rolling away. Looking forward to seeing some beach pictures tomorrow, need a seaside fix.