Friday, 21 March 2014

Hope you didn't think we'd disappeared

The Safari has hardly been able to get out for the last few days we've been that busy. A few minutes on a couple of occasions over on the seawall at Patch 2 haven't produced anything of any note, choppy seas have prevented accurate counts/estimates of the Common Scoters and yesterday we only saw two gulls on the beach, yes that IS correct, just two whole Lesser Black Back Backed Gulls on the vast expanse of the low tide beach...what's that all about, about 225 mixed gulls today but there was a shellfish wreck. The only Common Gulls we saw were three heading north just over the tide-line.
Mid-morning we made a refreshing brew and spent two minutes watching the Rabbits nibbling the lawn outside the office window -that's about as good as it's been for us of late. 
Yesterday a struggling male Common Scoter was on the beach, we watched it waddle into the water but it came straight back on to the beach so must have been in serious trouble. We also heard a Meadow Pipit as we were unloading our science bits n bobs at school which was nice.
No chance of any photos, the camera hasn't been out of the bag for yonks.
Today is International Forests Day - what a shame our illustrious government would rather waste its (= our) money on a fancy train set than safeguard the few remaining tiny remnants of what's left of the once extensive forests we once had.
Where to next? We're off on a big safari tomorrow, we're on the ferry to Belfast for MARINElife however the weather looks like it's going to be a bit of rough crossing.
In the meantime let us know if your outback has been providing the goodies this week.

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