Friday, 25 July 2014

A quieter day all round

The Safari was a little disappointed with Patch 2 today, very very quiet out there. seems 'our' Bottlenose Dolphins have nicked across the bay to North Wales. 
We've got you a sort of pic of the Ladies Bedstraw from yesterday.
Nice to have it on site, let's hope it spreads.
We were there snapping away at the Ladies Bedstraw because we wanted to get better pics of the Leaf Cutter Bees that have been hanging around the adjacent Hardheads and had a bit of a wait for them to return after we'd seen them earlier.
Still no sign of the Leaf Cutters when a Meadow Brown turned up so we pointed the camera at that.
Then we saw them, the little rotters had moved down the hedgerow a few yards on to some really scratty Hardheads struggling in the hot dry conditions we're enjoying at the mo.
Got them in the end but still don't know what species they aare.
Back at Base Camp just before tea-time this little beaut started flying round the kitchen.
 Once potted and settled it began to do a weird headstand and proceed to clean its hind legs.
Where to next? No blogging tomorrow as we're Cap'n of the High Seas on a marineLIFE survey across the Irish Sea.
In the meantime let us know what came in to help with the cooking in your outback.

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