Monday, 21 July 2014

Slow start then Boom!

The Safari only managed a short and late early look at Patch 2, nothing much doing on the dropping tide but a couple of Common Terns followed by a couple of Sandwich Terns all looking very dapper in the good morning light. 
A quick look round the gardens for the Big Butterfly Count only gave us a Large White and a Meadow Brown but we did re-find the Leaf Cutter Bees, well one of them at least - nectaring on Hardheads. still no chance of a pic though.
Another look at the sea at lunchtime when the tide was low was even worse than earlier, lots of disturbance on the beach which was hardly surprising with the lovely weather and some schools now finished for the summer. Plenty of first  flight Herring Gulls were sat on the water and a larger blob bobbing beyond them was the back of a Grey Seal's head.
That was the full compliment at work until we were walking past the pond to the car park where we slowed to a a toddle to watch a male Blackbird enjoying a real good old shake down now the water level has dropped enough for him to perch on the concrete ledge.
Tomorrow we have another day off so needed to put the moth trap out, once that was done we decided to water the Tomatoes even though the sun had,'t quite gone off them, the alternative was to wait until after tea - we didn't wait but went to the water butt and started to fill the watering can. That was when a large movement caught our eye by the kitchen window - a dragonfly - - AND it settled. Now we were in a dilemma, our camera and phone were indoors would we be able to get past it to grab them without either flushing it or it getting bored just hanging and upping and leaving.
As you can see, it stuck around! We had to balance precariously with one foot on a wobbly chair and the other on the edge of the woodpile to get anywhere near it. A Migrant Hawker, not a bad addition to the Base Camp year list. Chuffed!
Where to next? The mothy is out and it;s a warm muggy night, waht will be in the depths in the morning?
In the meantime let us know who had you balancing precariously in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Ive only ever got one photo of the female Migrant Hawker Davyman!