Tuesday, 1 July 2014

So much to see too little time to blog about it

The Safari has been out n about - honest. We not been far from either Base Camp or work but really there is little need to go much further at this time of year.
We've had a mosey round the garden or two, an hour or so at Patch 1 with our Extreme Photographer and the wildlife garden is producing the goods at the mo. Nice to be able to appreciate the wonders of the local wildlife without the camera or bins today, just looking, listening and soaking it all in.
We put the moth trap out last night but nothing was home this morning, we fear a lamp malfunction there really should have been something hidden in the depths.
At work a huge Great Bellflower has appeared, we assume out of the seedbank it certainly hasn't been planted or sown.
It really is a whopper nearly as tall as we are! Anyway while we were admiring it we saw a rather stocky bee flitting about between flowers. Turned out to be a Leafcutter Bee, one of a possible two species both would be new for town (assuming the NBN maps are up-to-date).
Last year the cafe gardener cut down all the Red Campion as soon as it had gone over thus denying the Campion moth caterpillars the chance to finish their life-cycle...marvelous for an Environmental Centre. Fortunately some has flowered in the wild area and we saw a caterpillar outside a seedhead, usually they are curled up inside. 
Chewing a hole
In we go
We also saw one on their side too but can't guarantee its future sadly.
A Small Magpie moth was also seen, the first we've seen this year. 
Our wild garden is really good it's a shame people make some many adverse comments about it. Is it because it's higgledy-piggledy with tall plants in front of shorter ones, or the fact that theres's no soil on view or is it just because the plants are 'free' rather than bought so therefore have 'no value'? sighting of the day was a Hummingbird Hawkmoth which was laying its eggs on the rampant Cleavers - we won't be weeding that! It was too quick for the camera (or the camera operator) - b*gger!!!
The last moth successful trapping session at Base Camp gave us a nice find - a Common Footman, new for the garden along with Middle Barred Minor and an always nice Poplar Grey.
That's enough for now, before we tell you about the garden going's on and the excitement of Patch 1 we'll leave with with a cute cat pic - jeez we hate that nonesense almost as much as we're beginning to despise the wildlife hating Beaver removing Defra and the carbuforan wielding Hen Harrier haters - see you at the peaceful protest on 10th August? Might be more fun on 12th with a Kalashnikov...
Where to next? Hopefully better pics of the Leafcutter Bees tomoz to determine which of the two species they are. Not much chance after that - weather deteriorating apparently.
In the meantime let us know who's popping up unannounced in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Nice post Davyman, gotta love the Herring Gull pics!

cliff said...

The cat & gull pics are superb, made me smile.