Thursday, 24 July 2014

Another late addition

The Safari didn't see any blubber today - well not marine blubber, plenty of human blubber on display in the 27C+ temperatures.
We were looking for (marine) blubber when a huge Salmon leapt out of the water through our field of view. Nothing much else was out there.
A break from the heat of the office (over 30C showing on the thermometer on the desk by our side) saw us back on the seawall for a bit of breeze. There we found a real rarity, a Ladybird! And not just a 'normal' one a slightly unusual 10-spot Ladybird.
A meander round the gardens gave us a Common Blue and Meadow Brown butterflies but no Graylings yet.
The Leaf Cutter Bees were out enjoying the nectar in the Hardheads again but we really do need a better pic to get them IDd to species.
It was while we were kneeling down trying to get better bee pics we noticed a  small yellow plant by our knee, Ladies Bedstraw, the first we seen in the grassland here and probably a result of our 'Say No to the Mow' policy for 2 metres from the hedge.
At lunch we had a rendezvous with former comrade at arms LR for a bit more blubber spotting. No joy but a couple of Swallows zooting about the wall gave up an interloper in the form of a House Martin (P2 #64) was a very late addition to the Patch list. They used to breed nearby until development robbed them of their mud supply putting paid to their local breeding site. 64 species for the year on the Patch is still a long way off our target of 90!
A bit of god news from last night was that while Pimms was being enjoyed on the patio in the balmy evening a Pipistrelle Bat flew over us (along with many moths) the first we've seen - actually we didn't see it but Wifey and our guests all spotted it. Excellent news - we know what we're doing tonight and it involves, not unsurprisingly, the bat detector.
Where to next? Back to the sweltering inferno tomorrow - actually we really like the heat but if hear one more whinger saying it's too hot we swear blind we'll swing for them! It'll only be a matter of a few days before this gorgeous sunshine will be but a distant memory.
In the meantime let us know who;s sprung up unexpectedly in your outback

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