Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Only the end of April and we're fretting about our birding year list already

The Safari hasn't been able to get out much over the last couple of days. Patch 2 has promised much with the strong winds but produced only a few Gannets, no Little Gulls yet.
Sunshine has brought a few insects out braving the cold and the wind - Phone pics again
With 150 species of birds on our annual year list challenge with Monika fast approaching, and barring an absolute calamity we expect to get there this weekend, we got to thinking which species will be in our final fifty to achieve our target of 200 for the year.
A flick through the field guide revealed a proper calamity - we aren't going to reach that not so lofty target; not unless we get everything on the 'probably should get' list, there's a couple of easy twitches for a 'we weren't expecting that!' species and we hit lucky on our trip to the East Coast with LCV in October...So will we or won't we???
Watch this space for all the latest news on our progress...or lack of it!
There's two things guaranteed in safari-ing 1) if you don't look you won't see and 2) it doesn't matter about lists or targets just enjoy and share whatever you find.

Here's a couple of beauts taken this arvo as they searched for grubs and seeds in our wild garden, snapped through a dirty double glazed window.
Where to next? Will the wind bring something to Patch 2 or not in the morning?
In the meantime let us know who's poking around in the Dandelions in your outback.

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