Thursday, 2 April 2015

The work is almost over

The Safari had no joy on a much less rough Patch 2 today. There were a few distant Common Scoters but they were too far away and it was still too choppy to tell if anything more interesting was with them. About a mile out little blobs undulated by - almost definitely Meadow Pipits cutting directly across the bay rather than going the coastal route. The wind was much lighter today and they could see their destination in the clear morning air - the high fells, which were covered in a fresh layer of snow.
We heard the gulls go up a few times through the morning and dashed out from our desk but failed to connect with whatever had caused the commotion - it did look an 'Osprey-type of day'.
Lunchtime on Patch 2 was poor on the high tide and we didn't stay out long.
With the holiday imminent we called it a day early and left for the nature reserve for the last hour to have a look at the finishing touches that have been put to the works. We saw the lads building the shuttering for the base of the 'Panoramic' Hide which is arriving next week...exciting times; can't wait for a look out of the windows to see how good the view is.
From there we wandered further down to have a look across the reedbed at the new scrape. The water level is a little high due to the horrendous rain we've had this week and the Environment Agency works aren't quite finished yet, looking good though - see for yourself.
Sorry about the similarity of the pics but the gap between the reeds isn't that big and there was no way of crossing in 'office' shoes, but you get the idea of what's going on.
We didn't go round the other side but heard that the Sand Martin bank was being rendered and should be completed in time for their arrival on ?Saturday after tomorrows rain.
We didn't come across many birds, Cetti's Warblers and Chiffchaffs were singing and a Kestrel and a Magpie were flying around - that was about it. We did see something we've never seen before though, a Woodpigeon eating the tiny opening leaves from an Elder bush, something we perhaps should have come across in our 40 years birding but we really don't think we have.
On the walk back to the Land Rover the Cetti's Warbler fired up at the wetland and then we saw the male Stonechat and what a stonker he is, looking really dapper the female still about...will they stay or will they go (you could make a song around that line).
After tea we were speaking to Pops on the phone and looking through the kitchen window this little fella was scuttling around the garden coming close to the door so we grabbed the camera and took a few shots - was a bit too dark!
Looks like he's lost a bit off the end of his tail
Where to next? Holidays - whayheyyyy but we have family duties so might not bet out as much as we'd like - we'll be out sometime somewhere thats deffo!
In the meantime let us know who's putting in a late appearance in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

That nature reserve is looking superb davyman - 130 species a year there ?