Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Those white wing patches weren't fooling anyone

The Safari was out early on Patch 2 again this morning hoping for perhaps a Fulmar or two as the wind was still very strong. A couple of distant Great Black Backed Gulls winged by defying the gale as usual and we had a just a single Gannet, this one had had enough of the grotty weather and was heading back south.
With very little happening we were just about to give up when we spotted a few Common Scoters being tossed around in the tumultuous sea and then saw two more coming from the south. As they wheeled round oh joy white wing patches on both of them...a pair of Velvet Scoters (129, P2 #42)...they dropped in to the waves to join the other scoters and weren't seen again.
Later in the morning LS come in again with his touch pool for the kids of all ages to have a look at and get up close and personal with our local marine life.
We've had a little fiddle with the settings on the underwater camera but haven't got it quite right yet, this Beadlet Anemone is in a pure white tray indoors but only lit with natural daylight!
A quick lunchtime Patch 2 look was pretty dire on the dropping tide with just four, two pairs, of Eiders traveling together into the estuary.
Where to next? More of the same on a less windy Patch 2 but no touch-tank.
In the meantime let us know who's arrived unannounced in your outback.

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