Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Yer right prawn!

The Safari hasn't been able to get out today whihc was a shame as it was glorious out there; just like summer!
All was not lost though as our friend from the college was back with his touch-tank for the kids (young and old) to explore and we were able to get a few short sessions with him. We both went out on the beach to look for more specimens to display and he found a corker of a Common Starfish. We could on;y find a barely alive Brittle Star and a couple of dead Masked Crabs, but we didn't have our wellies so couldn't go paddling around too much.
The starfish was quite active exploring its new temporary surroundings, but not as busy as the smaller onealready in the tank which did lap after lap hardly stopping all day, never seen one move so much, it's sort of eery the way they glide without moving their limbs - all done super subtly using their tube-feet you see.
We put a couple of the Common Prawns in a deeper tub and got the underwater camera out.
Here's the final moments at 1/64th speed - jeepers those guys are quick!
Where to next? Hopefully we'll get a Patch 2 visit in tomorrow morning and then we've got  a talk to do to the local U3A in the afternoon - which will be fun.
In the meantime let us know who's leaping for joy in your outback.

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