Thursday, 26 June 2008

National Whale and Dolphin Watch Part V

Ah the loneliness of a dedicated Whale and Dolphin watcher. Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiiian shirt? No...waterproof trousers and a winter hat were order of the day.

The tide
was much further out than yesterday and gave me the opportunity to have a look on the beach before starting the hour's watch. There was a huge wreck of Razor Shells and a fair amount of other sea life including large Dog Whelks, Cockles and Sea Urchin skeletons. There was also quite a lot of coal lying off the beach. This has been broken off the underwater coal seam which reaches the sea bed about a mile or so out to sea.
If I had my camera I could show you some pics.
Herring, Lesser Black Backed, and a few Black Headed Gulls were happily gleaning the tastiest morsels from this shellfish smorgesbord. The remains of a Swimming Crab was found on the slade (slipway) a victim of the gull's sharp eyes and sharper beak.

Any Porpoises Storm Petrels anything

Better luck tomorrow? I doubt it as the weatherman says its still going to be a raging south westerly with rain...I'll give it a go all the same.

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babooshka said...

I have seen of nothing of note. I went to Douglas yesterday along the coast, top of a bus and not a thing.
Gary and I will have walk out tomorrow around the bay. You never know!