Saturday, 28 June 2008

National Whale and Dolphin Watch Part VII

A change of scenery for today's watch. A couple of mile up the coast at Bispham. But the weather is still unfavourable. The wind dropped a bit and the sun even shone for a few minutes in a blue sky. It was still too windy for any chance of seeing the Porpoises and not windy enough to bring sea birds close in shore. The four hour watch produced the grand total of 2 Gannets, both distant, 2 Curlews, and either a Guillemot or a Razorbill whizzed past going north. Not a brilliant afternoons wildlife watching! The Gulls were the best - gliding past slowly at eye level on the updraught from the cliff. So close you could see the 'whites' of their eyes....better than that their coloured eye rings; red in the Lesser Black Backs, yellow in the Herring Gulls...check them out next time you get a close view of a gull.

Back to the Mirror Ball 3pm to 7pm report is not good again! Doh.....

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