Monday, 30 June 2008

National Whale and Dolphin Watch Part IX

Some pictures from Bispham on Saturday with the stricken Riverdance in the distance. The top one is my best shot of one of the Herring Gulls as it was gliding overhead. I really wanted an eye-level shot but they wouldn't let me.

The penultimate watch. I was joined by 3 hopeful watchers on a warm and sunny lunchtime. The wind had died right down and conditions were improving. Absolutely nothing about for the whole hour. The usual gulls on the beach and a couple of Oystercatchers. Nothing out at sea at all.

Last chance tomorrow's hoping!!!!!!

All was not lost safariwise though. A sch
ool group was having a rare old time pond dipping at the Solaris Centre and managed to haul out a great many Sticklebacks including the mother and father of them all, some of the biggest Sticklebacks you'll ever see.

And, once home more House Sparrow treats in store; a fledgling was been fed freshly mashed sunflower hearts by its mother in the Silver Birch tree my brother-in-law kindly rescued from being blown over in last weeks storm - - well done to him.

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