Friday, 27 June 2008

National Whale and Dolphin Watch Part VI

I must be bonkers. Back out for an other hour in the cold, wet and windy - - well at least today wasn't so windy. But still too choppy to be able to see our Porpoises. I did manage a very distant Gannet in the murk and a couple of closer Sandwich Terns. 3 Curlews passed by going south. There weren't so many Gulls on the beach this afternoon but they were joined by a few Oystercatchers. The gloom lifted briefly - long enough to be able to see Wales, but no Whales!

The pic above is my gleanings from the beach yesterday. They are (clockwise from the bottom right) Pod Razor, Rayed Trough Shell, Sea Heart, Common Otter Shell, Common Cockle, Edible Whelk (wrongly ID'd as Dog Whelk yesterday).

Onlt 10 hours left to suffer....starting at 3pm tomorrow 'til 7pm at Bispham Tram station...see you there!

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