Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Salt and fresh today

The safari was dipping in the sea and a pond with pots and nets today - and a good day it was too. First up was the rock pools on the beach where in the upper pools there were several Common Sand Stars.

The lower pools had plenty of Common Prawns and Gobies. The Gobies are able to change their colour. Against the stony background they appear dark and mottled but once they have been potted they turn almost transparent.

Much bigger than the Gobies was this rather splendid Blennie. Handsome chap isn't he?

There were a lot of Green Shore Crabs many of them mating.

Some of them were a substantial size.

I've never looked closely at these Common Prawns before and have just noticed that they have the most amazing blue segments on their legs.

Back at the 'lab' I put together this collage from the shell collection. Clockwise from the top left they are Common Cockle, a piece of 'beach' coal. Tower Shell, Alder Necklace Shell, and a Baltic Tellin. The coal gets washed up after storms as there is a seam which comes out on the seabed about a mile or so off shore.

Part two of today's safari was in the freshwater pond.

The safari pulled out a great many Sticklebacks of all sizes from very tiny to about 1 1/2 inches long. But the trophy fish was this superb male. He's bright enough to grace any tropical reef.

And at last I have managed to get a photo of a bloodsucking Leech. It's only a little one and hardly likely to suck my blood, fish or worms yes, me no!

The video attempts to show the largest Water Boatman caught in the pond so far - it was a bit quick.

Where to next? Watch this space! I can feel some exciting stuff coming your way.

In the meantime let us know what you have found in your 'outback'.

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