Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sticklebacks and more pictures from Poland

Yesterday a pack of Cubs and Beavers had a go at pond dipping at the Solaris Centre and managed to find the queen of the Sticklebacks - she's a whopper, almost the full width of a Flora margarine pot!

I have just had some more pics from my mate in Poland of our trip sent through the 'ether'.

Common Toads were numerous in the garden of the place we stayed. In the forest we found a Slow Worm on one of the sandy tracks.

Whilst this photo of the young Grass Snake was being taken there were two Golden Eagles soaring about 100 feet above my head!

We searched for an adult snake but had no luck, these Yellow Bellied Toads were probably its prey whever it was.

This Leaf Cutter Bee was a lucky find at the hill top view point at Zakopane and the only wildlife of note we saw up there at 'Blackpool on the hill'.

Back at the base for our trip the garden and surrounding trees held a White Stork roost each evening. A few blogs back (the Zakopane post) I showed a photo of my mate taking a picture of a stork on a post - here is his result...not bad!

This Fox cub was very inquisitive, one night we were on the patio and it was sniffing around the wood pile. With a bit of encouragement it became a bit tamer over the next couple of evenings and posed for a photo.

When I left I suggested that with a bit of patience they would be able to tame it and it would have a basket by the fire next time I visited...that was supposed to be a joke!

Where to next? This coming Sunday (17th) we will be Rock Pooling again at South Beach, Blackpool. Meet at 4.00pm at the Mirror Ball. Bring your buckets, pots and wellies.

In the meantime don't forget to let us know what you have seen in your 'outback'.

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