Monday, 18 August 2008

A surprise invitation

The safari had an invitation to witness the results of a scientific fish sampling session.
Overnight the scientists had set huge nets at three locations on the lake. Early the following morning the safari was there eager to see what had been caught. Unfortunately it was a rather disappointing haul. For their research the team needed several fish of as many species as possible of over 200g. The only suitable one was the Pike. Because the Eels have a different biology to 'normal' fish they were dicounted. Never the less there were a few pretty big ones. There were many hundreds of small Roach/Rudd and Perch.

This Perch was one of the larger ones brought in.

Is this a Roach or a Rudd? I'm not sure, the position of the dorsal fin relative to the ventral fins (behind them) suggests its a Rudd. However, the downward shape of the mouth suggests its a Roach. It could easily be a hybrid between the two.
The Pike wasn't the biggest I've ever seen.

Sorry the Pike is a little out of focus. Damn camera beeped telling me the centre of the pic was focused, clearly it wasn't. What's that about workmen and their tools....

The short video shows an Eel being released back to the water.

Where to next? You'll have to wait and see but the safari hopes to be off on a jaunt into the wilds of north Lancashire soon - watch this space!

In the meantime please let us know what you have seen in your 'outback'.

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