Thursday, 7 August 2008

The wanderer returns - part 1

Made it back to Blighty from a hot and humid Poland. - Just! But more of that later.

What a brilliant place Poland is!

First up was a Garden Tiger moth on the patio.

A large forest (larger than the Fylde!) was only a few metres away from the garden of the place we were staying - it was full of Wild Boar but we didn't manage to see any, just their tracks and signs. These rumagings were only about 100m from the house and quite fresh as there are few twigs and cones lying on the recently disturbed ground. Roe Deer were seen regularly but impossible to photograph.

Green Toads were hiding in between the brickwork on the patio. According to my wife these little chaps should be called 'Commando Toads'.

Care was needed around the garden as there were young Adders hiding in all sorts of places.

Well that was Day One - more tomorrow.

In the meantime let us know what you have seen in your 'outback'.

Where to next? This Sunday (10th Aug) at 1.00pm meet at the Mirror Ball for a safari in to the South Shore Rock Pools. Bring your buckets and nets and wear wellies. This event is being run in association with the Wildlife Trust's National Marine Week. It promises to be great fun.

There will be another chance to safari through the rock pools next Sunday (17th Aug) at 4.00pm. Details as above.

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