Wednesday, 22 July 2009

National Whale and Dolphin Watch – day 5

Back to normal – cold wet and windy! Squally, heavy showers, no visibility to speak of at times – I must be mad spending my dinner hour staring out to sea in those conditions. Anything out there today? Not really. The highlight was a Sea Slater, the marine/littoral equivalent of a Woodlouse, which was spotted by a hardy young boy who had rather optomistically come out to help look for Cetaceans. In fact the only things seen out over the sea wall were a flock of 16 Dunlins belting south and a humongously distant Gannet showing ‘washing powder’ dazzlingly white against the leaden grey clouds on the horizon. That was it! Apart from a handful of Gulls of course.
Forgot to mention the worst sighting yesterday was a yellow helium filled balloon floating out to sea on the wind – another Turtle killer will be drifting around in the currents by now.
Not only that, the Hedgehog we found when taking Frank for his final constitutional last night was found killed on the road this morning. That’s two in three days within 20m of each other. Both, I’m sure, could have been avoided as they were in an area of traffic calming speed humps and were naturally drivers need to go slow. I think we have a murderer in our midst. Evil sh*ts!!!
Where to next? Yet more NDWD tomorrow, only a four hour watch to endure, sorry - enjoy! You might even get a picture or two, there again if its rattling down with rain again you might not.
In the meantime let us know if there are any cetaceans are lurking in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

It's really getting to me now - this weather!!!
Bloody traffic, pi**es me off, I found a stunning male greenfinch in the road yesterday, there is no need for it. If it were kids being killed on the road, something would be done pronto!!

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

I'd gladly drive over a shed loada kids if it would help the plight of hedgies. Trouble is picking the bits of chav out of my mud terrain tyres. Old Disco had a kiddy mincer on the front - wrap round bull bar - new one has one of those soft spongy plastic 'safe' jobbies - what use is that???