Saturday, 25 July 2009

National Whale and Dolphin Watch - day 8

At last some decent weather. 20 degrees plus, just a hint of wind and hardly a ripple on the sea. plenty of people helping look for our elusive target. Nothing - not a sniff...Didn't help when at high tide a couple of jet-skiers started wazzin around not far away and a tug boat brought in a rig to do some work on the site of the Riverdance shipwreck. all this marine activity probably put paid to any hope of seeing anything interesting. Out on the horizon there was absolutely nothing moving. So quiet was it that a single Cormorant hit the note book along with a fly by flock of Dunlin and a handful of Oystercatchers.
The fishermen spread all along the promenade caught nothing but seaweed and plastic bags.

The hills in the distance are the Lake District fells - so clear today you can almost see the sheep. Can't really believe it..a post with pics of rigs and boats not a wildlifey thing in sight. What will tomorrow bring...more good spotting conditions and something to spot would be nice.

In the meantime let us know how little you're seeing in your outback.
PS - no rain the moth trap might well be set up at long last.

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Monika said...

Sounds more like a bird and weather watch than a cetacean watch to me! I hope some porpoise or something turn up for you!