Thursday, 23 July 2009

National Whale and Dolphin Watch - day 6

Decidedly awful again. There is now a stiff south westerly but thankfully no rain today so I have started to dry out a bit in the breeze.

The heavy chop on the water would have made it almost impossible to see any Cetaceans if there were any to see. What's worse I got accosted by the talkative nutter - you know - the one you really hope doesn't sit next to you when they get on your bus. Hours he talked drivel at me - full family history - the works...

Very little to report, a couple of Sandwich Terns out in the bay, day six and these are the week's first...where are they all? A distant Common Scoter turned in to a female Eider as it drew nearer and best of all a fine male Kestrel. Being at the top of the cliff has its advantages - one being the only spray we got covered with was at the very top of the tide, the other was we were looking down on this splendid bird and got an excellent view of him from a somewhat unusual angle. But alas no pics again today.
Back at Base Camp I spotted a Potter Wasp wrangling a small green caterpillar ready to cart it underslung like a torpedo back to its far the best sighting of the day. Dashed in to get the camera...dashed out...gone!...shucks.
Forecast is still to be windy tomorrow; but ever hopefull we'll soldier on!
In the meantime let us know what's not being seen in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

The weekend looks a bit better Dave.

As for Small Torts over here, well they are doing very much better than last year, when I saw just one! this year I am seeing them more often, with up to three at a time, so they could be on the up!!