Friday, 31 July 2009

UFO revealed

The safari spotted an article in the local rag regarding Saturday night's 'orange glow'. Apparently it was a chinese lantern set off to celebrate someone's forthcoming round the world trip.
However, it does not explain the other strange lights in the sky recently one of which was going against the wind, was travelling slowly compared to conventional aircraft, had no navigation lights and suddenly took off to great height.
Nor does it explain Warren's sighting 250 miles south of here...who knows what is up there...and why do they only come out at night?
Did you see the revelations from the Russian navy's secret archives of flying things zooming from out of the depths of Lake Baikal...too much vodka on a boring posting or something real and bizarre?
No pictures of home grown frisbees on this one...sorry
Where to next? Probably not infinity and beyond...
In the meantime let us know what's been flying around unidentified in your outback.

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