Thursday, 22 October 2009

A fraction better than yesterday

The safari was on Patch 1 in the moonless pre-dawn darkness. Apart from a few Robins twittering by the light from the streetlamps on the way up the hill all was deathly quiet. Even Magpie Wood was quiet, the Magpies, up to 50 of them are roosting elsewhere at the moment.
The tide was well out at Patch 2 at breakfast time and there was nothing on the water worth reporting. A flock of 21 Redshanks feeding together in a runnel on the beach was almost exciting and they were joined by another after a few minutes. Nothing of note was seen amongst the gulls. Later, at lunch time the tide had risen and a few birds had come inshore. In between the scattered, small flocks of Common Scoters we picked up a Razorbill and distant to us, further down the prom, but close inshore a Red Throated Diver gave itself a good preen. Total lack of marine mammals today.
Have a gander at yours truly doing his thing on the beach – looks like something to do with the craze that is the longest Pod Razor competition to me.
Where to next? Bramblings are still being reported so it would be nice to connect with one as they are not something that sticks around too often in our outback.
In the meantime let us know what’s sticky in your outback.

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