Friday, 23 October 2009

Frankie to the rescue

The safari was on the return journey from Patch1 just as it was coming light and Frankie's nose spotted something on the edge of the road.
He dragged us over and we found a Hedgehog, not this one - this is an archived individual. Far too dark to warrant taking the camera out with us on the morning rounds...maybe we should invest in one of those fancy night vision cameras.

If you look carefully around the eye in the pic above you can see three ticks - yuk - but Hedgies can't scratch too well, all those prickles make personal hygene nigh on impossible.
Anyway we lifted our little friend off the road and put him in some nearby bushes out of harm's way. Two have been murdered by evil drivers on these few yards of road this summer.
Where to next? Bad weather forecast for tomorrow so our secret mission will have to wait until Sunday.
In the meantime let us know who's wearing the prickles in your outback.

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