Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A post with a duck

The safari literally gives you a post with a duck!
Go on then what type of duck is it cos I ain't sure...the photy's were taken by one of the Rangers on his phone and I couldn't get out for a proper look so this is all there is.
Early thoughts were female/juv Red Crested Pochard but surely that speculum is totally wrong. Ever heard of a diving duck standing on a post...roosting on a floating island or a jetty yes but stood on a post?
Sorry those two are so similar.
The blurry bill doesn't appear to have a pinky tip so a juv is more likely, length looks OK.
So all you out there in blogger land away from Europe...what have we got here, an escape from a collection perhaps but from where originally? Or is it a hybrid off some sort. Does it look like anything in your outback.
All suggestions gratefully received
Thanks in advance.
A 'big' count of 9 Sanderlings on the beach was one of today's Patch 2 highlight, eclipsed by the strange sight of a Magpie bouncing southwards along the top of the sea-wall, not something you see every day. Didn't get out on the sands today. We were on Patch 1 when it was light, just and got a couple of Redwings blasting out of their roost. Tried to count some of the other stuff but Frank was misbehaving and time was a bit short. So counts were sort of some of those and a few of these and one or two of them. No vis giong on overhead though.
Where to next? Probably won't get out tomorrow either but you never know there is always hope.
In the meantime let us know what's baffling you in your outback.
Oh and before I go a couple of poor shots from Magpie Wood.
From there they get a birds -eye view (no pun intended...believe that you'll believe anything) of a cracking sunset most nights (believe that and you WILL believe anything).


Monika said...

Your duck doesn't look like anything I see reguarly....sorry no real great help I know. I'm not exactly an expert on female ducks either, but the first thing I thought of was a female teal.

Warren Baker said...

'Aint got a clue on the duck dave! probably a Mallard hydrid thingy!!