Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Not much happening

Very little news today from the safari.
Patch 1 was visited in daylight - whoopeee! Lots of Redwings leaving their overnight roost in the trees and a fligh over of about 30 whacka-chacka, aka Fieldfares, finished off with a low flying Sparrowhawk as we returned to Base Camp with the sound of Long Tailed Tits getting their breakfasts in our neighbour's garden.
A quick look over the sea wall at lunch time revealed precious little; hardly a Common Scoter to be seen apart from a male riding the waves just behind the surf. A Guillemot kept him company a dozen or so yards futher out. Those two, my friends, were the highlights of the day - must get better than this, where are all the Red Throated Divers?
But what about the wonderful duck on a stick? It has been identified as a probable Mallard x Red Crested Pochard hybrid. Have a look at for the 27th. Funky goings-on in per usual!

No pics today, sorry.
Where to next? Hopefully somewhere exciting if we can sneak away from the 'puter.
In the meantime let us know whose been upto inter-specific hanky-panky in your outback.

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

it'll pick up soon Dave - when we lose this ''summer'' weather!

PS the 100 walks ive done so far are the FULL patch walks. I havn't included my afternoon PART patch walks. :-)

Full patch walk is at least 3 miles - work that out for the year!