Friday, 16 October 2009

Seen more life in a tramps vest.

A bit of quiet day for the safari today.
Patch 1 – far too dark only 3 Redwings heard and brief view of the Fox as it retired for the day. Great views down to about 20 feet last night and Frank behaved himself!

Patch 2 – almost uncontainable excitement during the 10 minute morning session as a male Eider flew south and 12 others were sat on the water. Common Scoter numbers weren’t anything to write home about. The lunchtime session produced even less; no Eiders and the scoters had all moved way off shore – absolutely thrilling! Although the sun was shining and from the comfort of the desk it looked like a nice day outside the chilly northerly breeze had the safari scuttling back indoors after less than 10 minutes – what a wuss.
Had a very brief spin round the garden at work before going home and managed to collar a nice male House Sparrow - never have much luck photographing this once common and ubiquitous bird but now sadly getting increasingly scarce - I blame the modern gardening craze of fences and decking rather than good thick Privet hedges and flower beds.

It doesn't help when our 'gardeners' remove most of the cover and food either, can't believe they did that and they strimmed down the wildflower demonstration habitat zone because it 'looked untidy'!!!
A Blackbird lurked in what is left of the Tamarisk bushes - they trimmed all the flowers of these - bizarre behaviour for 'gardeners'.
With nothing photographed today you can also have a bit of gratuitous Med Gull porn from the archives for your delectation.

Where to next? Wet, wet, wet, tomorrow - nets and pots at the ready.

In the meantime let us know whose not doing the gardening in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Ah, yes the victorian attitude, gardeners, farmers and gamekeepers, they all live in the past, unable to take in new ideas.

PS nice try with the GS woodpecker!

Monika said...

Beautiful house sparrow shot!

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks guys, Warren - sorry if I was teaching my granny to suck eggs this arvo - bored!
Monika - not a great effort - must try harder - need a camera with manual focus or the little blighters to sit still longer