Monday, 2 November 2009

At last we’re there in daylight

The safari’s Patch 1 that is, and only just daylight. So was it worthwhile having an extra half hour in bed?…Hmm sort of, but hardly awe inspiring. A grand total of not a great lot. First up was a Wren giving it some welly followed by the ticking of a Robin. A Blackbird chattered from the undergrowth. Altogether we got the grand totals of 17 Blackbirds, some of which didn’t really do much getting out of Frank’s way other than a slight side step – normally they take fight and are off like a shot – had they been battling against the wind overnight? 6 Robins, somewhat disappointing certainly hoping for/expected at least double figures after the large number seen at the nature reserve not far away on Saturday morning, 4 Wrens, seems about usual, a single Redwing, not surprising considering the horrendous weather and a Dunnock, first here for a whle but that could easily be explained by darkness. Then at the start of the return leg we came across an invisible flock of Long Tailed Tits calling from the thick hedge which, being in the sheltered dip, still has most of its leaves – definitely two but could have been as many as a dozen or more.
Reaching the gate of Base Camp we looked up to see a flock of gulls making their way to the coast annoyingly two of them were Lesser Black Backs – why couldn’t we have picked one of those up during our eco-bird watch yesterday, not too much to ask?
Patch 2 before work was cold and windy with nothing to report other than a few scattered flocks of Common Scoters dodging the multitude of breakers out at sea. Hardly any better at lunchtime, still the white winger slides under the radar!
Where to next? Nowt much on the horizon this week unfortunately.
In the meantime let us know what's sliding under the radar in your outback.
No pics today - weatehr affected - sorry.


Warren Baker said...

Keep trying Dave - one day you'll find a ''white winger'' !

sharon said...

You're lucky you get to see daylight, Dave - it's dark when I go to work & dark when I come home, only up side is that the fox & badger visit us a bit earlier now! Thanks for visiting my blog!