Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Didn't last!!!

The safari has absolutely no wildlife news today. With Frank incapacitated there was no visit to Patch 1; where yesterday, at about the time we are normally on site, a young girl was attacked. Weird as we very rarely see anyone else during our predawn birding visit and if we do they are invariably someone else walking their dog before work. There's not half so dough-brained numpties out there.
No chance to get out onto Patch 2 at lunchtime today, unfortunately, as there has been some good stuff up and down the coast over the last day or so. A Little Auk - that would be a great Patch 2 tick...evn better in Patch 1!!! A few Little Gulls too, more Kittiwakes, a Leach's Petrel, Great Northern Diver, Velvet Scoters, Slavonian Grebe, Great Skua, Walney Island to our north had Arctic Skuas although dark phase as opposed to our light phase ones yesterday and quite a late Gannet.
Tomorrow is going to be another windy day but looks like there might be a little sunshine - whoopy-doo.
Where to next? Hopefully Patch 2 a couple of times although the tides are a bit duff at the times we can get there.
In the meantime let us know what the wind is blowing in to your outback.
Sorry no pics today...too gloomy.

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Warren Baker said...

Lucky you didn't go on to your patch, as you could easy have been suspected for attacking the girl!!

I was stopped in a wood once by police looking for a bloke who had just been seen flashing, It took me a while to persuade the coppers it wasn't me !!!!!!!!!!