Friday, 6 November 2009

Meaningless drivel

Was going to continue the musical theme for the title of the post with something like Fog on the Tyne, cos out on Patch 1 this morning (nothing to report from there again) the air hung heavy with the smog of last night’s Guy Fawkes ‘celebrations’, but as we’re exactly half way between the Ribble and the Wyre it didn’t really seem appropriate to pick one over the other. For some reason I get a tad annoyed at the local chavs for spending copious amounts of their benefits i.e. my taxes on huge amounts of enormous fireworks – I don’t care if you said ‘snob’, there’s got to be more important stuff for them to spend my hard earned on.
After the thrills of Peregrine and Woodcock the other day and the prospect of a half-day off in which to go safari-ing things went steadily downhill with increasing momentum.
Murphy’s Law was in evidence at Base Camp yesterday with nothing in particular to report from Patch 1, no sign of the Peregrine on the water tower early doors. So we waited for the Cavity Wall Insulation men to arrive; which they did – on time… excellent stuff, two hours work and they’d be finished then a couple of chores, a bite to eat and out on safari…first choice was going to be Marton Mere to see if we could get a pic of the Bittern. Best laid plans and all that…the insulation guys discovered that one of their colleagues had ‘borrowed’ the drill from their truck so they had to go back to the yard to get a replacement through the rush hour traffic. When they reappeared holes were drilled but as they fired up the compressor it blew all the fuses in the house, tried it again…same result…things are not looking good…so we tried plugging it in a different socket…no fuse this time just a big flash and a bang from the compressor itself...kaput…send back to the yard for someone to bring out a replacement…doh…finally finished at 1.30; a two hour job had turned in to a 5 ½ hour job, and still chores to do…not looking good for a safari. So we had a bite to eat and put the telly on for the news…guess what…no telly…we had our digital switch over yesterday so I did the re-boot thing…nothing…so tried again…nothing…phoned the TV company…a ¾ hour phone call later (good job that was free!) to discover our account has been stopped, just like the broadband last week…and the company couldn’t explain how or why it has happened…no telly until Monday!!! That means no Autumnwatch tonight. Couldn’t watch it anyway cos we’ve got the ‘grandkids’ coming to stay, meeting baby Poppy Grace for the first time…all say aahhhhhh.
Back to the wildlife - out on Patch 1 last night the poor Fox was having a torrid time running this way and that being scared witless by all the fizz bags, screamers, rockets etc. He was there again this morning and I didn’t spot him until I saw Frank hurtling down the hill at about 200mph towards him and he legging it in to the shrubbery just in the nick of time. Poor thing, hope this weekend is quieter for him…the Fox not Frank.
Got my second visit of the season to the footy tomorrow as part of the Tangerine Army, will have a look at how the new stadium is coming along – will it be open in time for the Big Match at the end of the month? Already got my ticket for that one. After last week’s late equaliser by Doncaster Rovers two points were thrown away so hoping for a good win against Scunthorpe! By my reckoning the team have squandered six points by conceding last minute goals so far this season, six points that would have them joint first (second on goal difference)…’doh’ again.
Then it’s a big sleepover trip to our mates’ new house in the woods…hopefully some good safari pics from that. It’s in an area we don’t know too well but has heaps of potential...looking forward to it big style. Got them a crackin house warming gift, they like the countryside but they’re not birders – they will be once they set up the super feeders we’re giving them complete with every imaginable type of seed, field guides, little bins etc etc.
The briefest of murky visits to Patch 2 this morning revealed a really good count of 31 Sanderlings scampering along the waterline and very little else, the beach was even almost devoid of gulls. Without checking my notes I’d hazard a guess that that is my record count for this stretch of beach. High tide at lunchtime…fingers crossed for a sea mammal or two gentle offshore breeze and overcast skies make viewing conditions ideal. Lunchtime was a cold, wet washout! Not standing round in the freezing drizzle looking at a hundred or so Common Scoters riding the white horses for long…brrr. Not so keen on winter at the moment…got a trip to Florida planned for next spring…that’ll be warmer…never been State-side before…should be good. About 2/3 the way up the west side of the droppy down bit.
Where to next? Footy, mates’ new house…might even get some wildlife snaps for you, they might be out of focus if copious amounts of quality ale are swigged – they usually are.
In the meantime let us know which sub-section of Murphy’s Law has been prominent in your outback recently.
What all that had to do with the price of fish I have now idea - like I said at the top what a load of end-of-the-week-nothing-much-to-say drivel!!! and no photos either - sorry.

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Warren Baker said...

I totally concurr with the opening sentiments about the ''chavs''

You certainly lead an eventful life dave.