Friday, 13 November 2009

Ha ha ha very funny!

Wifey’s colleagues were obviously concerned by my ‘horrific’ accident but amused themselves by making sure it doesn’t happen again. If I nearly took my eye out shouldn’t that safety helmet need a visor too? On Patch 1 no sign of the Peregrine this morning but we were very late on site today and didn’t do the full round. Best bird was a very loud Dunnock doing its ‘swweeee’ autumn call.
Patch 2 at lunchtime was interesting with the season’s previous high count of 8 Ringed Plovers the other day being improved on by a further two – Double figures – whay-hey! Also on the beach were 2 Sanderlings and 13 Redshanks…hardly outstanding.
Out at sea there was only a handful of Common Scoters, earlier on, before work, all we had was a lone Guillemot or Razorbill zooming south at a fair distance out.
Where to next? Weekend safari plans may have been scuppered by a crisis of the heart operation type!!!
In the meantime let us know what's breaking all records in your outback.

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