Thursday, 19 November 2009


The safari is sitting waiting for something to happen. Like the calm before the storm.
Ehh-upp muther is in hospital today undergoing heart surgery, the weather outside is wild, it’s barely daylight even mid-afternoon. Can’t concentrate at work. It’s like waiting for a dose of swine fever. It’s all soooo depressing.
Could do with something rather special wildlifey turning up unexpectedly and lifting this miasma of gloom. Can’t see it happening in these raging, but freakily mild, southerlies though.
The south side has a Shore Lark, why couldn’t it be flitting around on the beach by the dunes just down the road, and they still have a Great White Egret, but not a chance of getting over there to see them in the foreseeable future. Oh woe is me with a wailing and gnashing of teeth. Think I’m coming down with SAD. Will have to go and stick my head in under a UV lamp.
After yesterday’s disappointing and humongously embarrassing mammalian mix up i.e. lump of dross posing as a rare, on our coast, Harbour Seal (almost as bad as the Cley Mud Owl of many years ago) here’s a mammalian holiday snap from a few years ago to brighten our day. No; its not in the local zoo.
No news from Patch 1 again today, too dark, and no chance to get anywhere near Patch 2.

What an old picture of a Cormorant has got to do with the price of fish is anyone's guess but there it is anyway.

Where to next? Hmm wind and rain allowing...

In the meantime let us know how much rain has fallen in your outback this week.


Warren Baker said...

hang on in there Dave.....looking at some of the blogs, everyone is thoroughly depressed, we need some cold frosty sunny days!!!!!!!!

Monika said...

Warren's right, it's gloomy everywhere! Barely daylight in the mid-afternoon is exactly right. Only a few more weeks until the days start getting longer's hoping for a good dose of sunshine all around.