Saturday, 12 February 2011

Beautiful sunshine. duff timing

The Safari lost a day of glorious sunshine today being engaged in other matters all day - and tomorrow it is forecast to pour down all day.
mot much to report on - early on the Peregrines were creating a holy racket which we could hear from Base Camp. A singing Wren was the first we heard locally for ages and just outside the 'garden recording area'.
A morning outing to the shops via a run on the beach with Frank gave us find of the days, 100's of people and 100's of dogs on the beach along with several hundred wary gulls amongst which we found nothing. But out at sea a large number of gulls massed around the end of the outfall pipe. No Cormorants so probably no fish so what they were after you probably don't want to know. In the throng we pulled out an adult Mediterrean Gull.
Later a quick trip put to play ball gave us a superb sighting of about 30 Goldfinches in one of the gardens not far from Base Camp.
Where to next? Dunno yet but we'll probably be donning the waterproofs, hopefully it'll won't be too gloomy for the camera.
In the meantime let us know how glorious the sunshine was in your outback today.

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