Monday, 7 February 2011

The boy's a fool

The Safari learnt this news tonight. Enjoy FBB's clip - play it loud!!! We saw the maestro too many years a go in his Colosseum II incarnation - unbelievably good...still got the album along with several others he featured on too...pure bluesy genius!
This morning we had 121 Oystercatchers on the 'normal' Patch 2 before they were flushed by Cockle pickers. Seeing a large flock on the beach in the distance on the 'north-side' we moved over there and counted another 239 Oystercatchers, hundreds of gulls were too far away down by the pier to be able to do anything with. Nothin else about other than a small number of Redshanks messing around in the seaweed on the wall.
No chance of doing much at lunchtime - just a bit too windy...50+mph and gusts to over 60mph combined with a fairly high 9.1m tide made a safari pointless. Rashly we nipped over the road to get some pics of the waves crashing over the wall. the results don't do the ferocity justice.

We weren't too good a dodging, not that there was anywhere to go so we spent a very soggy, uncomfortable afternoon in what turned out to be a rather productive meeting...two drenchings in two days!
The Peregrine was on the ledge when we took Frank for his evening game of ball on the quagmire formerly known as the field.
Where to next? Hopefully there'll be a whole host of gulls to work through tomorrow on the early morning lowe tide providing the wind has dropped and it isn't lashing down again.
In the meantime let us know how wet and windy its been in your outback...had a txt from our Extreme Photographer last week - stuck in a basement in Cairns listing to the edge of a typhoon battering the house overhead - sounded as though it was nearly as windy as it gets here!

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