Saturday, 19 February 2011

Stuck indoors

The Safari hasn't really been out today but that doesn't mean we've not been looking at what might or might not have been happening out there.
With reports from CR of a Siskin on his feeders only a few hundred yards from Base Camp and then a call late last night form the Rangers saying a Red Kite had been seen over the reserve during the afternoon there was plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the windows. Even the hint of a squeak from the gulls resulted in a dash to the front or back door just in case. No joy but at least one of their squeaks may have been due to the Peregrines as both were on their ledge most of the day.
The feeder didn't produce the wished for Siskin but we did have a three finch moment with a few Goldfinches and a Greenfinch on the feeder and a Chaffinch waiting in the wings.
We took Frank to the park - not to exercise him but to remove the trip hazard tree that fell down in November, its only now we've had time while it has been light to attack it, trouble is it'll soon be light enough in the early morning to be able to see it and not trip over it. anyway it's now well chopped and destined for Little Bertha.
Just before it went dark we spotted that the Crab Apple tree's buds are well on their way to unfurling.
Where to next? Tomorrow's monster tide is too much to ignore - 10.3 metres it's a marsh smothering whopper so hopefully there will be some decent birding and hopefully mammaling to be done AND we've planned to meet up with fellow local blogger NS for the first time.
In the meantime let us know what's been circling just out of sight in your outback.


Neil S said...

Weather permitting am there tomorrow Dave. And whereabouts was this Red Kite sighting, that would be a first for me!!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Neil - From Jonny S today - - we had at least 2 water, 3 rock and 20+ Meadow. 5 Short Eared Owls hunted the outer marshes including 4 in a single scope view at one point! Also Peregrine, Merlin, Sparrowhawk and 9 Whooper Swans - weather shouold OK but wrap up warm.
Kite was over the mere.


Warren Baker said...

We're all stuck indoors Dave !! Good luck tomorrow :-)