Friday, 11 February 2011

The Safari is pleased to report four singing Song Thrushes on Patch 1 this morning but not much else.
Arriving at Patch 2 we were concerned to see a dense sea mist and hear the yapping of dogs below us. Right enough not a lot going on. Through the mist we could see plenty of gulls away to the south but too far to do anything with. Our bit of beach was dogged to death!
At lunchtime we were greeted by the sight of this chap below us so once again nothing on the beach - how annoying particularly as one or more Glaucous Gulls have been cruising the coastline in the last couple of days.
In half an hour he must have walked back about 150 yards as the tide rose.
On the sea wall well over 100 Redshanks were persistantly disturbed by the doggy brigade as they tried to feed in the runnel.
Out a sea it was lovely and calm but we're still waiting for our first marine mammal of the year. A flock of nine Eiders made a change and a close raft of Common Scoters numbered 122 with a pair of Red Breasted Mergansers thrown in for good measure.
The flock of birds approaching the fisherman from the right are Oystercatchers.
Where to next? Whayyy-haayyyyy the weekend...'Pool better beat Villa tomorrow!!!
In the meantime let us know who's doing the flushing in your outback


Warren Baker said...

You've got more doggy disturbance than me Dave!

Not so much as who's flushing birds here, but what - bloody gas cannons aaargh!!!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Saw your gas cannons 'featured' on Countyfile last Sunday - fortunately they don't seem too popular over this way.