Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday sport's report

The Safari wasn't able to get out wildlife-ing yesterday and didn't risk venturing far today in the heavy rain. Of note was a Peregrine on its ledge seen through the mist from the bedroom window. Later a quick blast round Patch 1 gave us both Peregrines. A number of thrushes were on the footy field, about a dozen maybe more. We tried to use the little available cover to get close enough to be able to see what they were - then we flushed them - damn! Only it wasn't us, a woman with a huge brolly had come up behind us - thanks a million missus; perhaps we should have taken the bins with us. One thing we did notice as they disappeared into the safety of the Golden Triangle was that a least half of them were Song Thrushes/Redwings, the only one we saw properly was a Song Thrush.
In the horrendously soggy park an unseen Great Spotted Woodpecker called and a Woodpigeon threw Cotoneaster berries down its neck...does it not realise those berries are reserved for the Waxwing!
At the top of the hill a large flock of mixed finches was sat in tops of the trees, some were Chaffinches, some were Greenfinches, a couple of Goldfinch were in there too but did we hear a Siskin call. we only had the small camera and zapped off a few pics but the trees were too tall and the light too rubbish so Siskins remain off the list...they could be 2011's Whinchats.
Last night we watched the Wales v England 6 Nations Rugby game in which England ground out a good away win, thanks in part to Welsh poor handling and bad decision making but it was a great tense game and the result is just what we wanted.
Pool lost YET AGAIN this arvo and this time after going 3 - 2 up after an hour. Can't fault an Everton win but did they have to score three in eight minutes late on in teh second half. Admittedly both teams needed the points and as a Scouser who's supported Everton since 1962, or probably even earlier, should really have been wanting a home win but we do have a soft spot for Pool and don't want to think they could now be on the scary relegation trail - they really need to pick up some points soon - its not for want of scoring goals. Olly even put on defensive substitutes today breaking the habit of a lifetime.
Next up we watched Scotland get thrashed by France in the rugby...was brave enough to tell the (Scottish) mother-in-law they would. Not that Scotland played poorly, France played faster and had a the rub of the green with a couple of lucky bounces but they were seriously better and will likely be the team to beat.
Where to next? If it's stopped lashing it down a safari somewhere is on the cards, somewhere with gulls...maybe, maybe not...ohhh go on then.
In the meantime let us know whose leaking goals in your outback.
Sorry - not even a gull pic today.

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