Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Big Battle of the Blackpool Beach - Brownies v Beavers

The Safari has been in the company of very exciteable children. Last night it was the Brownies, who 'played a blinder' finding plenty of good stuff on the beach and in the rockpools.
After the recent plethora of Lion's Mane Jellyfish it was Moon Jellies that were by far the most abundant this evening.
The purple rings are its gonads - what woudja do for lurid purple gonads ehh?
A single Compass Jellyfish was also found.

Huge handfuls of shells were gathered up amounting to a grand total of 16 species, 50% of the species found along the whole coast and they only searched 100 or so yards worth!

Two finds were particularly noteable. The Wentle Trap Shell (ridged) is only the second we've seen and was found only moments after talking about them after one of the Brownies had come along with the Tower Shell (unridged) - how bizarre was that!

This tiny Oyster Thief (aka Sting Winkle!) is a 1st for the Safari! That's a small child's finger not ours. Tonight it is the turn of the Beavers - a real battle of the sexes!
Plenty of Green Shore Crabs, but then so had the Brownies...

Look at the teeth on that! but what is it??? Brownies didn't get one of these

What is it applies also to that ochorous thing beneath the fish - animal, mineral or vegetable - animal we think! But what?

Brownies v Beavers - An honourable score draw we think - both found something we've never seen before.
Where to next? Still the small matter of the White Letter Hairstreaks to sort out.

In the meantime let us know whose stinging the winkles in your outback

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Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

The orange thingy is a piece of Halicolona oculata, Mermaid's Glove - a sponge.