Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Safari has little to report today. A Sparrowhawk's tail was sticking out of last year's nest, the have apparently abandoned the construction of their nest...too near the scrotes? The song Thrush at the Golden Triangle was easily louder than the Blackcap but the Wren gave him a good run for his money.

Then it was out to the Water Vole site to wait for the digger. Unfortunately we couldn't gain access to the 'good' the side of the dyke, which is very overgrown (we hate that phrase/expression - it's not overgrown at all; it's well vegetated). No digger today just marking out with the driver before he breaks ground tomorrow. A Whitethroat was watched carefully but is nesting out of the area which will be dig up. Other than him there wasn't much about. A Blackcap on the roadside embankment and a few Woodpigeons completed the bird list. Invertebrate wise we noed a rather nice but unknown moth, several of which evaded the lens, as did the not so many Blue Tailed Damselflies. In the end all we could capture was this Lily Beetle which in life appeared much brighter scarlet red than in the pic.

No chance of a Patch 2 visit today, although back on Patch 1 the Sparrowhawk's tail was still visible sticking over the side of the nest, she had moved round 90 degrees during the day.

Where to next? 'Normal' service may be resumed tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what's sticking out in your outback.

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