Friday, 17 June 2011

Sleepless in Seattle?

The Safari hasn't headed out west nor is sleepless anywhere, it's more a case of binsless in Blackpool as our trusty Swazzas have developed a serious focusing malfunction and have had to be sent back to Austria for a major repair....thank freak for long term warranties!

So were having to use Wifeys 7x23 mini-bins for a least they focus down to about 2.5m and it is butterfly/invert season rather than birds for a while....and we do only ever use the scope for seawatching.

Nothing new today as we spent most of the afternoon stuck behind old biddies to frightened to do more than 30 to overtake trucks doing 40. We really loathe pepole who slow down to 25 for bends even the wobbly old Land Rover could take at 60!!!

Out for a quick game of footy with Frank, taking extreme care not to stand on his feet again, we spotted this lovely scented Honeysuckle on the way back to Base Camp.

Where to next? Hopefully it won't rain tonight and the mothy can go on - that Honeysuckle should attract something!
In the meantime let us know what's out of focus in your outback.

1 comment:

Warren Baker said...

''Hopefully it wont rain again'' Ha Ha ha :-) good one Dave !

The honey suckle in my garden has all but finished flowering now, didn't get much visiting it :-(